Rogelio Báez Vega

Foto by Doel Fresse.

Foto by Doel Fresse.

Artist Statement

In my paintings, photographs, sculptural objects or installations I strive to present how my approach towards the architecture of my immediate environment is disengaged.  I am interested in the way architectural landscape and the actions of the subordinated influences of the aesthetic experience affect me.  These works are constructions and conceptions of generic architectural volumes which I find difficult to relate with in my daily trips through the island’s metropolis.

I have special interest in the physical and psychological qualities of the architectural space, as well in its historical preeminence and its commercial relevance.  In some pieces, it is inevitable that these conditions arise in its lecture.  In general, my pieces are dealt as experiments, of the perception, recognition and manifestation that hide in the surface of everyday life.

Formal description

In formal terms, these paintings are made with latex paint on canvas or wood panel with thick polymers, polymers with graphite or pigments, gesso with tints or pigments, Golden acrylic paint, enamels and spray paint.  The process starts of as a schematized or technical preliminary drawing, which is later sealed with watered down polymers in various layers.  Different types of stencils are prepared and applied layer by layer, changing its registry by color, so they can appear as different interiors and lines of the drawing.  The process is repeated while making decisions based on composition and color theory.  Some areas are edited or canceled, and the same process is repeated until chromatic harmony and good saturation are achieved.